Comedian Nick Cannon is an American TV host who’s mostly known for two things: being Mariah Carey’s ex-husband and not knowing how a condom works.

Nick has 11 children and is currently expecting his 12th. Let me say that again, HE HAS ELEVEN CHILDREN AND IS EXPECTING HIS TWELFTH. Holy mother of god.

If you’re reading this like “why on earth do women keep sleeping with this man!?” the answer is “I honestly don’t know” but I’m starting to have a sneaking suspicion it could be about the money.

Nick pays over $4.4million AUD a year in child support which is a LOT of money but also not that much when you’re popping out enough kids to run Willy Wonka’s factory. That’s over $360,000 per year per child, enough to live a very comfortable life if you’re a single mother.

If you’re a young, single, attractive lady looking for a rich baby daddy Nick lives in San Diego, California. Book your flights!

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