Prepare for your ears to bleed because Married At First Sight’s Nasser’s song has officially dropped and it’s just as horrendous as we expected!

Yesterday we reported that the reality TV personality from the last season of Married At First Sight was releasing a debut single after announcing the news on his Instagram account.

Posing in large sunglasses, gold chains and a bomber jacket without a shirt underneath, Nasser wrote, “Nasser debut single coming soon. #disstrack”.

We then heard word that the song would be the latest step in the reality star’s battle against Instagram and that whole blue tick debacle, in which Nasser has been fighting to get his account certified.

In case you’re unaware, Nasser has been on a quest for a long time to land himself one of the highly coveted blue ticks that signifies that a person is a celebrity or personality.


So far he has been denied verification by the social media company, despite the fact that other MAFS contestants from his season have been granted a blue tick.

The song titled ‘Blue Tick’ was ironically posted to Nasser’s Instagram account late last night and we have to say, a career in the music industry is definitely not on the cards for this reality TV personality.

Using 5SOS’ hit song ‘Young Blood’ as the backing track (thanks for ruining one of our fav tunes Nass…) Nasser raps about how unfair it is that his social media account has not been verified.

“No verification or little badge, is this a mistake?”, raps Nasser. “Sarah’s got it, you know I want it, get in my life. And I’m just an old man ready to fight.”


Throughout the rest of the track Nasser starts dissing his fellow MAFS costars, saying that they have blue ticks on their accounts but don’t deserve them like he apparently does.

And if you thought that little snippet of lyrics was bad, the music video is even worse. The song appears to have been recorded in a parking garage and Nasser dances around like a drunk person dad dancing at a wedding. Yep, it’s cringe.

If you’re brave enough, give the song a listen in the video above.

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