If you thought all the Heidi and Mike drama was over on Married At First Sight after his “I’m not your therapist” comment, you would be hugely mistaken. 

Mike Gunner joined  Bianca, Mike and Bob live in studio and hinted that he has a few “spicy” storylines in the pipeline that we are yet to see this season. 

“If you had all perfect couples you’re not going to have the drama or fun moments,” Mike began. 

“I speak up and you’ll come to see that about me… there’s plenty more spicy moments in my future of the show!

“We’re there to participate, you’re there to make a contribution and make yourself be known and heard.”

We wonder what drama will cause the Mike and Heidi coupling to erupt? 

He also revealed that the pair saw each other at an event last night – so perhaps there is hope for that coupling after all! 


During the interview Mike also addressed the rumours that he is a paid actor, and his answer was very candid and honest. 

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