Mike went to town on Jess last night on Married At First Sight. 

Bianca’s first question – “Mike, do you feel guilty for that?” 

The MAFS contestant quipped back with a “Would you feel guilty Bianca?”


“Well there’s your answer right there,” he said. 

Harsh! (But can you blame him?!)

Mike is one of the few people who held Jessika accountable for (some) of her actions on the show and her ability to incite drama. 


In particular, Mike was revved up about Jess starting rumours and butting into the relationship of Ning and Mark. 

But when pressed as to why he got riled up and confronted Jess, his answer was simple. 

“It has been a tough week for me, Mike [Van Acker], you can only trust your instincts and say what’s in your heart and on your mind and back yourself and I suppose i’ve done that,” he stated. 

Mike was unaware of Jess and Dan’s affair at the time of filming and made clear he would have forced answers from Dan as well had he known. 


Especially being friends with both Mick and Tamara, he felt the pair should have been held accountable. 

“For those guys to be going out and galavanting and carrying on and playing around behind their partner’s back and not being open and honest with the rest of us – it was too far,” he said. 

As for what to expect on Sunday night, sounds like it’s going to be a doozy. 

“Oh good lord, strap yourself in, it’s a really spicy night and I think you’ll really enjoy that one.