We confront Married At First Sight’s Susie after she made a formal complaint against Bianca, Mike and Bob in our previous interview. 

To be honest, we thought we were pretty gentle and inoffensive when we first spoke to the woman that has been portrayed as a ‘not so nice’ person on the show. 

Listen to Bianca, Mike & Bob’s first chat with Married At First Sight’s Susie… 

Nothing too scandalous or scathing, right!? 

Or that’s what we thought. 

So when the opportunity came around again to speak to the MAFS contestant, we had to confront her about it. 


Here’s what she had to say… And she wasn’t backing down… Despite not really remembering what we had said that offended her? 

Were we too harsh? Have you warmed to her any more outside of what’s broadcast on the show? 

Let’s just say we’re still at times skeptical… 

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