Dino’s Married At First Sight stint is (largely) over. No longer ‘married’ to Mel and he’s trying the leave the entire recording scandal behind him. 

So what is next? 

Apparently a book. 

Yep – Dino is writing a book.

What about you ask? Meditation of course!

Or more specifically, how meditation is a free and natural way to help combat mental health issues. 

… We’re not entirely sure of Dino’s expertise in the area and if they are at a standard to warrant an entire book, but good on him. 


The FIFO worker in the mines admitted on the show that he works part time teaching meditation in prisons and with drug and alcohol recovery centres. 

And despite MAFS painting him as an actual airy fairy new-age type – he insists that was a definite beat up… Even though, you know, he’s into it enough to write a couple hundred pages about it… 

Bianca, Mike and Bob also spoke to him about THOSE recordings and what the real TRUTH was. 

“What was happening was sustained criticism, insults, negativity, behind closed doors…” he said. 

“[So I thought] how can I make this work, how can we get past this? It was upsetting at the time.”


Dino said the way that Mel was dealing with conflict and what she said when the cameras weren’t rolling was demoralising, especially when it became more and more frequent.

So in the heat of the moment, he decided to record her private conversation with the intention of going through it with her in the future – a move he insists that he thought would be helpful at the time and he was not forced to do anything by producers. 

“That morning when I woke up I had a reflection, and when I spoke to the producer I deleted the recording,” he continued. 

“It’s not healthy.”

It wasn’t until after he deleted the recording that Mel found out about it. 


And while Dino insists he never recorded her again – nor has he recorded anyone in the past, Mel continues to accuse him of multiple recordings. 

Mel also has repeatedly stated that Dino sent private family information from those recordings to multiple people…

So whose side of the story do you believe? Or is it somewhere in the middle?

Will we ever find out? Do we actually care? 

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