What do all women love to do when getting over a break up? We change our hair! Don’t ask us why. There’s just something about it that make us feel like we’re regaining control of our life.

And by the looks of things, that’s exactly what Elizabeth Sobinoff from this season of Married At First Sight has done following her onscreen breakup from cheating hubby Sam!

The reality star has ditched her long, blonde extensions that she was famous for wearing throughout the show and has opted for a brunette look!

The 27-year-old debuted her new honey brown shade, with just a few blond highlights still in there, in a post to her Instagram account.

And she actually looks so good! Fans were quick to chime in and compliment Liz on her new look, writing in the comments things like “amazing” and “stunning”.


Her MAFS costars have also commented on the new look. Jules Robinson wrote, “Omg. Wow. Looks so good!!!”, while Dino Hira added, “Suits you Lizzy.”

Before dying her hair, Elizabeth also told her Instagram followers that she was in need of a “big change”. 

This comes after Liz debuted a dramatic make-under earlier this week.

Throughout her time on the show the store manager wore thick, black, winged eyeliner and bold lips colours no matter whether she was staying home for a night in or going out for a night on the town.


Elizabeth’s over the top look became a major topic of discussion throughout MAFS and so it came as quite a shock when she appeared at an Oscars lunch celebration on Monday without the heavy makeup.

We’re loving the new Liz!

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