Admit it – we never thought anybody would ever be able to compare to the villainous nature of Married At First Sight’s Ines Basic… well, that was until Susie Bradley came along.

From verbally abusing her new ‘husband’ to throwing profanities left, right and centre – both Ines and Susie are culpable of both. We can’t be the only ones who think they would get along extremely well, right? 

Well, it appears Susie and Ines are friends in real life!

No, we are not kidding (although we wish we were). 

Two days ago, Ines left an insightful message on Susie’s Instagram that proves the two are close.

“Susie I love you so much,” Ines wrote. 

“Let’s catch up soon babe,” Susie replied alongside a red heart emoji. Ines immediately responded with “10000% honey”. 


Our reaction? uh…

You know what they say – birds of a feather flock together. 

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