It clearly doesn’t take much to become a fashion icon these days.

If you had your heart set on copying Ines’ fashion choices on this season of Married At First Sight, you’ll have to move quickly, after one outfit that she wore on the show has already sold out online.

The dress that she wore to her secret date with Sam on Monday night’s episode, which led to a reworking of the same outfit during her apparent walk of shame at the beginning of last night’s episode, has sent fans into a shopping frenzy.

The rather racy, camouflage, zip-front dress was found on Topshop’s website for just $18.25 or on The Iconic for $32.48. The mini-dress has since sold out on both sites.

During their date, Sam appeared to be a fan of the camo dress, saying that the “zip” was “killing” him and making it hard to control himself during Monday night’s episode.


“I love this dress. That [front] zip is killing me!” Sam told Ines after the pair met up at a bar on the Gold Coast.

“Yeah, I wore the zip for a purpose,” Ines responded cheekily.

We don’t really understand the attraction ourselves…it looks more like something we would’ve worn to a school disco in eighth grade when we still shopped at Surpre.

And clearly there’s some people out there that agree with us on this one! Online bookmakers at Sportsbet have joked around, saying that the 28-year-old has great chances of becoming an ambassador for Supre after wearing the frock.


They’ve got her currently sitting at $2.00 to land the coveted ambassadorship.

What do you think of the dress? Fashion icon or fail?

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