He’s one of the Relationship Experts in hit show Married At First Sight, John Aitken, and he joined Bianca, Mike And Bob to spill the goss on this season. 

And boy, is there goss to share. 

Aitken spoke to us about THAT one-on-one counselling session with Ines and Bronson early in the season and why he believes Ines responded how she did. 

We also spoke to the relationship expert about some of the more ‘controversial’ pairings that we’ve seen, to get his thoughts. 

“You’re the relationship expert?! What where you thinking putting some of these people together!?” – Mike

But that’s all just part of the drama. 

We also found out over 10 THOUSAND people applied for this season of the show… That’s a lot of people willing to ‘get married’ on national TV to an absolute, complete stranger… 


ALSO find out how Married At First Sight can in fact be an educational experience – We know, it sounds ridiculous – but when you really think about it it’s true! 

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