A video that proved many of the Married At First Sight cast have had acting jobs in the past has both angered and amused Australians.

The video by radio station KIIS has had more than 700,000 views in just 12 hours since it was published to Facebook.

MAFS stars Billy, Dino, Susie, Mike, Same, Mel, Bronson, Jessika are all in the video, with evidence of their past roles in TV shows, ads, and short films.

Some of the evidence is particularly eye catching.

Susie is wearing a completely open shirt with close ups of her bra in what is described as a ‘car ad’. Mike kills another man in a short film that looks spectacularly bad. Then there’s Dino and Jessika in the same glasses ad despite appearing to not know each other on the show.

Emotions were running high on Facebook on Tuesday night as Australians dealt with the fact that perhaps Australia’s top-rating TV show might have thrown out the ‘reality’ part of ‘reality TV’.

“Wait… so it’s not real?” was the caption to the video.


The comments were more forthright.

“SO IT’S ALL FAKE!!!!!!! Shame on you Chanel 9,” Dee Web wrote, adding an angry face emoji.

“We need a royal commission,” wrote Vincenzo Grassi to hundreds of likes.

“OMG I feel like I just found out the Easer bunny isn’t real!! Noooooooo!!!” reacted Deanne Brawley.

Melissa Sarich declared she’d no longer be watching the show: “I love it but that’s it !!!!! I am now not watching Nine you arse holes”

Others went for comedy gold, picking up on Billy’s appearance on a Macca’s ad with a surfboard.


“That must have been the last time billy went surfing,” wrote Melissa, referring to the fight Billy and Susie had on the show about whether Billy had last surfed months or years ago.

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