Married at First Sight Australia’s Matthew has revealed he has a new girlfriend!

The 29-year-old ‘ex-virgin’, as he was referred to on the show, took to the TODAY show this morning to reveal the news.

Matt introduced British-born Annabelle, who he met at wrestling training not long after leaving the hit reality show last year.

‘We both met trying out for wrestling, professional wrestling. I’d always wanted to do it as a kid,’ Matt said.  

Annabelle revealed that she was quite intimidated and scared when she first met him.

‘He’s quite a big guy!’ she said.

She also revealed how their relationship blossomed.


‘At training, he offered me a lift home and I said no… then he started asking me questions that men don’t normally ask me like what I read and we became friends.

‘He was asking me questions about my brain and what I thought!’

Matt also added that his day-to-day life hasn’t changed too much since the show ended.

‘It’s not been too bad. I’ve been stopped in Coles and a café at lunch. So far, it’s not been very negative.’

The news comes just days after Lauren, his ‘wife’ on MAFS, appeared on Kyle and Jackie O, to discuss her relationship with Matthew.

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