It’s no secret that people have been getting annoyed with just how controversial this season of Married At First Sight has been.

And now, despite the fact that most of us keep tuning in to watch what happens next, some people are completely fed up and are calling for the show to be taken off the air altogether.

Following the explosive commitment ceremony on Sunday night, which saw cheating pair Jessika Power and Daniel Webb allowed to stay in the experiment as a new couple, a petition has been created for MAFS to be cancelled.

The petition created by Natasha Rae on, which currently has over 16,000 signatures, said that they wanted the Channel 9 show to be banned and taken off the air due to the “wrong and immoral” storylines that it’s showcasing.

“Tonight’s [Sunday night] episode of Jess and Dan “hooking up” and the therapists allowing them to continue in the experiment is outrageous,” the petition says.

“This has highlighted and given the message that adultery, cheating, lying and partner swapping is ok and you’ll be rewarded if you partake in it.


“It’s wrong and immoral and should be banned from ever being broadcasted again. Shame on you Channel 9,” the petition concluded.

The petition hopes to gain 25,000 signatures.

But while the document seems to blame the experts for the decision to allow Jessika and Dan to remain in the experiment, one ex-contestant has since come out claiming that the relationship therapists John Aiken, Mel Schilling and Trisha Stratford wouldn’t have had a say in the matter.

The trio were seen on Sunday night’s episode debating whether or not the cheating pair should be allowed to stay on the show. But Dean Wells, who was also caught up in affair on the previous season of MAFS, said that this was all for show.


“This could not be more fake. The expects have literally zero say in this,” Dean said on his Instagram story. “The producers tried to make me and Davina do the same thing last year. #fakenews.”

Well no matter who’s decision it was to allow Jess and Dan to become a true MAFS couple, it’s certainly got a lot of people off side.

Do you think MAFS should be cancelled for good? What on earth would we do with our lives every night if it was?

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