Sam Ball from this season of Married At First Sight really has made a name for himself as the groom who’s constantly disappearing after the reality TV villain was a no-show during the finale on Monday night.

Sam was the only contestant that didn’t show up for the final night on the MAFS couch with the experts saying that he simply didn’t want to take part in the episode.

While other MAFS contestants did the press rounds the day after the controversial reality show wrapped up, Sam was completely off the grid and actually cancelled an appearance on the Kyle and Jackie O show after finding out other contestants would be there too.

But Sam didn’t disappear for long! A Current Affair managed to track him down a day after the MAFS finale at a service station in Sydney and after confronting him, Sam finally explained his absence from the episode.

“I just didn’t want any part in the show you know brother, the drama,” he said. “I’m just over it.”

Sam also had a message for both of his jilted brides, Elizabeth and Ines, saying that he felt bad for how he had treated them. And in something we’ve never seen from Sam before, he actually APOLOGISED for his actions.


“I did not want to disrespect anyone. Ines, Elizabeth or anyone. I feel bad about the way she felt and seeing her reaction. Anyone who got offended, I’m sorry,” he continued.

When asked if he regretted not attending the reunion episode on Monday night, Sam said that he did wish he could’ve given his point of view. (Although we’ll remind you, he was given the opportunity to attend and just chose not to)

“I do regret it a bit, I didn’t get a chance to defend myself,” he said.

A source told that Sam chose not to attend the finale after an argument erupted with Ines at the final dinner party.

They also said that following the confrontation, Sam received a private message on Instagram saying, “It’s going to be your funeral tomorrow”.

“He told producers that he refused to take part in the show anymore after the dinner party,” the source claimed.


“[The producers] kept trying to make him reconsider, but he just said ‘no’ and told them that he wasn’t going to be associated with people who were belittling him. He told them he was utterly embarrassed to be part of the show.”

Sam’s ex-wife Elizabeth had a different explanation, telling the Kyle and Jackie O show during their MAFS reunion that she thought Sam was too scared to face everyone.

“He’s a coward,” Elizabeth said. “He was scared.”

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