Sam Ball has come out to slam the comparisons that he and Ines are like Dean and Davina of last season.

His reasoning? Dean was deceitful and lied to Tracey throughout the season, whereas Sam straight out told his bride Elizabeth he wasn’t keen and didn’t want a bar of it. 

“From what I know of, Dean lied the whole time to Tracey, whereas I feel like this is different because I was quite honest with Elizabeth from the start,” Sam told E! News.

“I wasn’t that into her, and I explained how unhappy I was the whole time to Elizabeth, on and off camera.”

Great timing considering Dean just came out to defend the self-professed good looker. 

I mean, we’re not so sure Elizabeth and Ines’ partner Bronson were aware of Sam and Ines’ intimate couch session shown in last night’s episode, so perhaps Sam needs a bit of a reality check. 


Especially considering he went back to Elizabeth’s room at the end of the session and shared a cheeky kiss with his ‘wife’. 

“When I met up with Ines, of course, there was some guilt there,” Sam said.

“I think I made that clear to Ines: This is not right. It’s not the way I like to do things.

“I had to explore that option because I wasn’t happy with my match, and when you’re there and you have that opportunity you’ve got to go for it.

“I don’t think you should have to stay in the whole experiment with someone you don’t think you’re gelling with.”


… Yeah, whatever you say, mate…