Get ready MAFS fans, it looks like there’s another explosive episode in store. 

(I mean, is there any episode that is isn’t explosive right now?)

After a few days MIA, Elizabeth is rejoining her fellow Married At First Sight brides and grooms and today’s preview hints at her walking in on more than she bargained for as she arrives. 

So does it happen? Does Liz walk in on Sam and Ines in a bit of a spot… on HER hotel bed? 

What a welcome that would be.

What we do know is that there will be some form of confrontation between Ines and Elizabeth tonight. 

We hope she goes in on her groom Sam just as much.


How will Bronson react? Will Elizabeth stay? Or take her already packed suitcase and be on her way? How many new over the top expressions will we see? 

So many answers. We’ll just have to be patient for tonight to find out. 

Here's one of our favourite moments from Robin Terry & Kip!