So here it is. 

The TRUTH about Tamara and Mick after Married At First Sight finished filming.

Last night’s Married At First Sight gave us our first real look at the Dan / Jess affair. 

At the same time photos emerged of Tamara and Jess’s ‘husband’ Mick looking very comfortable together – perhaps a tad flirty. 

So we asked Tam what their go was. Once and for all. 

Unfortunately for those of us playing at home, she insists that they are just friends. Completely platonic. 


“No we’re not. We’re just friends,” she said. 

“I get along with males 10x better than i do females – so i am friends with a lot of male cast members of that show.

“Maybe we might be walking arm in arm, [but we’re not together], it’s not the case.”

We’re still a tad doubtful…