Married At First Sight bride Cyrell Paule has been branded as ‘full n’after she slapped her new husband Nic Jovanovic’s behind on their wedding night.

The healthcare consultant called her Married At First Sight spouse ‘sexy’and then whopped him as she stripped down to his boxers.

While some viewers praised the ‘cute’ tactile display, others claimed the 29-year-old was being ‘immature’ and over-enthusiastic with someone she had just met.

Cyrell didn’t hold back as she watched Nic take his clothes off, saying Ooh la la! Take it off! Get in here, you sexy thing.’

As Nic blushed and got under the covers, she added ‘Hello sexy, show me the legs.’

However, he seemed more than happy with his new life, chuckling as he told the camera ‘We have to see how it all works out. See what happens.’

Viewers at home, weren’t so appreciate, with one saying  ‘Contemplate the reaction if the genders were reversed in that bedtime scenario and a groom were slapping the bride on the butt. Sheesh. Not cool, Cyrell.’


Another said ‘Omg Cyrell settle down.’

Married At First Sight continues tonight at 7:30PM on Channel 9.

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