Tamara went into Married At First Sight looking for love and instead she (so far) got played, cheated on and disrespected. 

But we asked her why she continued to try to make things work, despite not having any obvious chemistry with husband Dan.

“I’ve come in with my heart and my head open and I’m going to give it a go to the best of my abilities,” she told Bianca Mike And Bob. 

As for how much she knew about the Dan and Jess affair that we’ve start to see unfold on our screens, she says that in the back of her mind she had an inkling of an idea but turned a blind eye and gave them the benefit of the doubt. 

“Yes and No [that I knew about the affair]. That’s a hard one because obviously after the previous week at the dinner party it was quite obvious what was going on,” she continued. 

In the back of your mind you know what is going on but you don’t want to believe it.


“You turn a blind eye.” 

But that got us-a-thinking… Jess basically confirmed that there is a wife swap where she ends up with Dan (Tamara’s husband).

So does this mean Tamara could still find love with another of the grooms? 

“Oh guys, look that’s a bit of a cheeky question,” she said when asked if any other men took her fancy. 

“A lot of the husbands are quite attractive in their own right – it’s like I could build by perfect man with most of the men in that room.


“You’re just going to have to tune in to find out that one, aren’t you!”

… Interesting… 

Also turns out Tamara is not only finding out about the intensity of the Dan / Jess affair while watching back the show. 

She’s also finding out a number of things that Dan and other said about her while filming that she was oblivious to – like Dan outright telling his mum he just wasn’t feeling it. 

“It’s quite interesting watching the episodes back because there are lot of things that I am finding out that has been said – just like you guys are,” she said. 

“In the moment you think and feel one thing and then you’re watching it back like ‘oh okay, for real’.


“I think I kind of just cringe – okay, cool, thanks…”

We bet her feelings for Dan have changed since she started watching this season back. 

But it seems he’s already coupled up with Jess on the outside world. 

So hopefully Tamara has better luck finding a man and true love now. 

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