If you, like us, loved Lizzie on this season of Married At First Sight, then you will love this story.

The extroverted bride who was paired with Sam Ball, had us rooting for her from the start.

After suffering what could be the worst betrayal, when Sam cheated on her with Ines, it seems that Lizzie has made it to a much more positive headspace.

She’s also found love, and it’s not with anyone from the show. While speaking with the Daily Telegraph, Lizzie opened up about her new relationship.

“There is someone I’m testing the waters with but you never know.”

“He’s an ex. There’s always (been) a soft spot there.”

Lizzie went on to explain that both her and her new beau are in different, better headspaces and have grown since they were last together.


“He’s like a bad smell. You know those bad smells that are so bad they’re good? That’s my ex.”

Lizzie, always tells it like it is!

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