You may think you know everything about Married At First Sight… but did you know about this?!

In preparation for the show, the experts get down and dirty in order to best match the contestants together.

Of course, they do personality testing, and get to know them all.

But, we had no idea they also ran what is called Pheromone Testing. And yes, it is as bad as it sounds.

Neuropsychotherapist on the show, Dr Trisha Stratford spoke with A Current Affair about the testing regime.

“They sniff T shirts.”

“They get sent a T-shirt out and they have to put it in a snap lock bag every night and wear it to bed and no deodorants, no spicy foods.”


“They do that for a week and then they send it in and they smell each other’s T-shirts.”

Umm… does that sound gross to anyone else?!

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