We’ve seen almost nothing of Matt Agnew since his commitments to The Bachelor finished it’s post -production, which is highly unusual!

Normally Ex-Bachie contestants are reliable to give us all the nonsensical drama we need in our lives.

Well it’s been over a year since Agnew chose Chelsea McLeod in his season of The Bachelor and other than the announcement of their break up.. we’ve had zip.

Speaking to the Herald Sun, Matt opened up about how his silence has been intentional as a way to ‘put himself back together.

“It was intentional…It was an element of normality I was seeking, but the big thing for me was I was just putting myself back together.”


“I did not come out of both the show and the relationship in great shape and I needed time with my close friends and family to pick myself up and put myself back together, really.”

The astrophysicist revealed that he didn’t regret taking part in the show as it opened up opportunities for him.

“It has certainly given me the opportunity to continue to talk about science to a broad audience which is something I am really passionate about.”

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