HELLO FATTIES! Good news, because while we’ve been treated to more Little Britain recently than we have in a number of years, it looks like there’s even more on the way!

And this time we could be getting a LIVE show!

The sketch show from comedic geniuses Matt Lucas and David Walliams recently reunited on the small screen for BBC One’s The Big Night In.

Not only was this the first Little Britain televised show in about a decade, but it was also history making as the pair did it all virtually while in isolation.

“We got asked to do something for Big Night In which was this telethon that was on last week to raise money for Comic Relief and children in need… so we did our first sort of televised Little Britain in over ten years,” Matt Lucas said about the reunion show while speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning.

“We embraced, this was David’s idea, to embrace the kind of low budget nature of it so all the props were homemade… It was nice. It was fun.”


Before that, towards the end of last year Matt and David joined together for a radio special called ‘Little Brexit’ all about how historic event will affect the people of Britain.

Following the success of the BBC Radio show, Matt told Kyle and Jackie O that he and David knew that they wanted to do something else together.

“People seemed to be happy enough to have it back so we said we’d like to do something else and we weren’t sure what,” Matt explained. “And we’d still like to do something else together, we’re still figuring it out.”

But it seems since then Matt has been thinking long and hard about what could be up next for ‘Little Britain’ telling us that he’d love to do a stage show or even a podcast!


“We’d like to do some more little Britain. We could do it on TV somewhere, we could do a podcast, we could do a live tour!” Matt told us.

And if that were the case, it seems that Australia would be top on the list for the stage show to come and visit! Once the pandemic is over of course.

“We did a tour and we came to Australia and had such a blast so maybe we should do a stage show of it?”


As for what a modern Little Britain would look like, Matt told us that obviously it would have to change slightly to keep up to date with the current climate with some new characters likely to be introduced.

“A lot of things have changed and I totally respect that. But also, when people say ‘If you do it again things are going to change and will it still be Little Britain?’ but I mean, if you’re going to do a show again 15-years after you first did it, you’ve got to change it anyway, just to bring in some new ideas,” Matt said.


“You can’t just do a facsimile of what you did back then because the reason it was successful, the way it was, is because it was contemporary so you have to kind of do some new characters anyway. That would be the fun of it.

“You’d want a mix [of new and old characters]. You’d do it half and half.

“I would like to do that,” Matt concluded.

We’d definitely like you to do that too Matt! A Little Britain Stage Show is just what we need to look forward to so we can get through this tough time!

Hear more from our chat with Matt Lucas in the podcast below!

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