The verdict is in. Aussies and visitors have chosen one city in Aus as the most sought-after destination to visit, and honestly, we couldn’t agree more!

Melbourne has emerged as the ultimate destination for both Aussies and international travellers, surpassing iconic locations like Sydney and (R)Adelaide. Renowned for its exceptional coffee culture, vibrant arts scene, and top-notch shopping, Melbourne’s allure has skyrocketed, especially after hosting global superstar Taylor Swift and other major events.

Research conducted by the Tourism and Transport Forum reveals Melbourne’s dominance, with the city topping the list of most sought-after destinations for 2024. Despite stiff competition from Sydney, Perth, and other major cities, Melbourne’s thriving music festivals, renowned arts events like the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and star-studded concerts have cemented its status as the place to be.

The resurgence of visitor numbers is a promising sign for Melbourne, which suffered a significant decline in tourism due to COVID-19 restrictions. Taylor Swift’s recent concerts injected life into the city, with record-breaking passenger numbers at Melbourne Airport and soaring hotel occupancy rates.

Beyond Melbourne, regional gems like Bendigo are also gaining recognition, with the city claiming the coveted title of ‘best town’ in the annual Wotif travel awards. The rise of regional destinations highlights a growing trend among travellers seeking unique experiences beyond traditional tourist hotspots.