Prepare your chimney’s for a special owl delivery Harry Potter fans because we’re all being invited to a magical Halloween celebration at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

But you’d better get your broomstick ready for a long journey because you’ll have to travel overseas to attend the celebration fit for all witches and wizards alike.

The Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London are the one’s hosting the special Dark Arts experience at the Great Hall on the set of Hogwarts.

Just like in the movies, the Great Hall will be decorated to the nines with pumpkins suspended from the ceiling, long dining tables and a massive Halloween feast on offer featuring red apples, pumpkins and cauldrons filled with lollipops.

You’ll also get to make a visit to Diagon Alley (but if you choose floo powder as your transportation make sure you say the bloody name right…) which will be dressed up to look darker and spookier than ever.


There will be vats of slimy Troll snot, buckets of dribbling drool from a three-headed dog as well as pools of silvery unicorn blood (all in reference to some of the beasts in the first film) to decorate the shopping haven from the magical films.

You’ll also be able to visit Aragog in the Enchanted Forest but we reckon we’ll take a pass on that one take a pass on that one because ain’t no way we’d be silly enough to follow the spiders…We know what happens there!

If you’re a witch or wizard who’s over the legal age limit you’ll also be able to enjoy a drink or two including a big pint of Butter Beer! Which of course you’ll need once the Masked Death Eaters start roaming around throughout the night!

The Harry Potter Halloween experience is going down from September 28 to November 10 and tickets go on sale on August 28. But if you want to get your hands on them you’ll have to get out your galleons because they cost just over $300 a piece.


Worth it though amiright? Once you’ve got your tix all that’s left to do is work out which character you’re going to dress up as! (Dibs on Luna Lovegood!)

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