The highly anticipated and controversial documentary about Michael Jackson, titled Leaving Neverland, has premiered in the US overnight.

It has aired highly confronting accusations against the late king of pop from two men who spent a majority of their childhoods with Jackson.

The documentary follows the separate but parallel experiences of Brisbane-born Wade Robson from the age of 7 and James Safechuck from the age of 10.

Robson, now 40, and Safechuck, now 36, give quite distressing interviews as they speak openly about the alleged abuse that they suffered while in Jackson’s care.

Some of the things detailed during the shocking confessions were played on the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning to give Australian audiences a glimpse at what to expect when the documentary airs here later tonight.

James Safechuck, who was a back up dancer for Michael Jackson on his Bad tour in 1988, can be heard revealing some of the things that Michael would allegedly ask him to do while they were alone, including acts of oral sex and self-pleasuring.


He also detailed the disturbing way Michael would run certain drills and challenges with him in order to teach him to keep their alleged relationship a secret.

James told interviewers that at the age of 10, he was convinced that he was in love with Michael due to the experiences they allegedly shared. He also claimed that he and Michael had a mock wedding.

Wade Robson, an Australian dancer who was only 7-years-old at the time of his alleged sexual abuse, spoke about how he had no idea that what was happening to him was wrong.

Both men opened up about their struggle to confront the complicated feelings they had towards Michael Jackson following these alleged experiences.

These are only a small portion of some of the deeply complicated and disturbing revelations made in the Leaving Neverland documentary.

The audio is highly confronting, but can be heard in the video above.


Leaving Neverland will air in two parts on Channel 10 here in Australia. The first part begins tonight at 8:30pm.

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