We’ve (almost) all attempted a diet at some time or another. 

Clean eating, shakes, pills, keto, atkins, no carb, no sugar, no fun. 

But Mike decided after putting on a few unwanted kilos while working in breakfast radio, he would give it a red hot crack. 

And a calorie controlled food service came to his rescue, asking him to be an ambassador, so long as he followed their meal plan. 

Mike thought he had done quite well – quitting the weeknight drinking, eating their meals, going to the gym and often going on walks with his missus of an evening.

Then the dreaded first weigh in arrived – two weeks into his new healthy living lifestyle and…

… He had put ON 2kg. 



Bianca took the opportunity to pull him up on a few things – ie the fun sized chocolate treat is still chocolate… 

But we could all sympathise with poor Mike. We’ve all been there!

Hopefully the next weigh in will be a better result. Onwards and upwards we say! 

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