It all started with an upset neighbour knocking on Mike’s door on Sunday, searching for her lost Jack Russell, Torana (he later found out the dog was very aptly named). 

After seeing her anguish, Mike decided he had to help, so he got 16 year old son Jacob on board and off they went. 

Searching far and wide, they couldn’t find Torana anywhere, so they aborted the mission for the time being. 

Later in the day while Mike was halfway through getting changed there Torana was. Spotted. In Mike’s backyard. 

Let’s just say hilarity ensued… An 8.5km run, and an almost stolen car later, Torana is still on the run in the Kallangur area, so keep an eye out! 

Find out what happened to Mike Van Acker in this comedy of errors in the media player above. 

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