You already know that Miley Cyrus is passionate about the topics near and dear to her heart and the star made use of her 2017 iHeartRadio Music Festival set.

Towards the end of her 30-minute set, the 24-year-old offered a passionate speech about the country’s priorities given the political landscape. 

“I got one more song for you guys and I thought that it would be perfect for tonight, especially after ‘We Can’t Stop’ because you know what I won’t stop doing,” she said at the beginning of her speech. “I won’t stop fighting for justice for every single person in this entire f**king place to be who the f**k you want to be, do what the f**k you wanna do, make yourself happy, be who you are to the fullest and everyone in this country. Everyone around the world deserves that same respect and honor to be able to do what they love, love who they love, marry who they love.”

Cyrus went on to admit that “we shouldn’t be scared of walking down the streets” nor should we “be scared of this violence.”

“We shouldn’t be scared of humans against humans, treating animals so poorly, thinking that the world is f**king disposable. It’s not. There’s one and there’s one of each of you and you’re all such f**king incredible, uniquely individual motherf**kers,” she continued. “I hope you never forget how f**king awesome you really are. Don’t ever let anyone ever tell you anything f**king different.” 

Elsewhere during her set, Cyrus performed “Malibu,” “Younger Now,” “Week Without You” and even a sassy cover of Nancy Sinatra‘s hit, “These Boots Are Made for Walkin.”


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