We’ve all done it. No matter how long it’s been or whether you’ve already moved on, we’re all guilty of the odd stalky stalk of our ex every now and then on social media.

It’s not our fault really. Social media these days makes us constantly aware of everyone’s lives with updates always popping up in our feeds so really we can blame technology for making us curious.

But it turns out we aren’t the only ones who take a sneaky peak at the ex on the gram. Celebrities do it too, including Aussie super model Miranda Kerr.

Miranda joined the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning when we decided to play a game of ‘Never Have I Ever’ – minus the drinking part – and it ended up being a very telling game!

One question that we asked was, “Never have I ever stalked an ex on social media” and Miranda admitted that she has, just like all of us!


“Hmm yeah, I have,” Miranda admitted, although she told us that she didn’t really like the term “stalked”.

“I wouldn’t call it stalking,” she continued. “It’s just looking! Or it pops up and you’re like, ‘Oh I might just see what’s happening there’.

“And then you find yourself down a rabbit hole and you’re like, ‘Oh no. What Have I done?’.”

Of course, Miranda didn’t tell us which ex’s profile she’s found herself flipping through before, but her most famous ex is obviously her former husband Orlando Bloom.

Orlando is now with Katy Perry and the pair recently got engaged, so we would certainly be curious to look through his socials if he was our ex… Just saying.


The rest of the game was equally as fun, as we learnt that Miranda has been skinny dipping at a beach in Sydney before!

Hear our full game with Miranda Kerr in the podcast below!

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