Talk about a double whammy. She gets ditched by the boy and dramatically stripped of her title. 

This is the reality for Love Island star and former Miss Great Britain, Zara Holland, after she was caught on camera having sex with a contestant. 

The 20-year-old appears on ITV’s Love Island, which is currently airing on Nine Life in Australia. The show is a mix between Big Brother and Bachelor in Paradise. Clearly a must watch for any trash TV tragic. 

Zara was painted by the show as being unlucky in love, after being dumped twice on the program, but things changed when Alex Bowen entered the house. 

Although the pair didn’t share an instant connection, the 20 year old was offered the opportunity to take Alex on a date in a private suite, where the pair eventually got intimidate.

To add insult to injury, the next day Alex decided to partner up with Zara’s friend, Olivia.  

Tonight on Nine Life the blonde beauty is consoled by housemates after she discovers she’s lost her Miss Britain title.  


Fans in the UK launched a petition back in June to reverse the decision, but it wasn’t enough. Runner up, Deone Robertson replaced the Love Island star. 

The awkward meeting between Zara and the new Miss Great Britain was caught on camera on talk show Loose Women.

Zara slammed the new winner for accepting the title saying,“You didn’t win the title. In my opinion, if it was the other way around, I would stand up for women.” 

Zara also revealed she never handed back the Mis Great Britain Crown, despite being asked. She also criticised the organisers of the pageant, claiming they mistreated her. 

Watch the full confrontation here!


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