Channel Seven look set to make a big announcement shortly about another season My Kitchen Rules taking place this year.

However, it could be coming with changes as they look to make Colin Fassnidge the ‘Gordan Ramsay’ of Australian TV.

The Australian is reporting that Seven will make changes so they do not over-saturate the current show, with the new version likely to be a mix of My Restaurant Rules and Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.

“Fassnidge, in his guise as a Ramsay-style mentor, will be used to give tough love to aspiring chefs on the show, visiting struggling restaurants to help them reach their potential, as part of a competition with other kitchens,” it reports, including “plenty of bleeping.”

So far, Seven have not said a word about its plans apart from confirming it will be a shorter version.

Some rumours do say that Seven has considered a ‘Celebrity MKR’ or an ‘MKR’ all-stars, with former heroes and villains coming back.

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