It really is the quintessential sappy romantic drama of an entire generation, but The Notebook could have been completely different.

A Hollywood casting director has revealed that Rachel McAdams, who played ‘Allie’ alongside Ryan Gosling’s ‘Duke’ was almost overlooked for the role in favour of popstar Britney Spears.

And as much as we love Britney, we can’t really imagine what the movie would have been like without Gosling and McAdams’ chemistry.

Plus, we’ve seen Crossroads and we’re sorry, but Britney cannot act.

But this was the early 2000s and Britney was on the top of her game, so you can imagine that casting her in the film is not completely crazy.

Casting Director Matthew Barry told the Daily Mail that Britney auditioned for the role of Allie but she lost out in a close call to the then-unknown Rachel McAdams.

McAdams later credited Barry with starting her career. Of course, we thank Barry for sticking with his gut and giving us possibly the greatest on-screen couple ever!

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