Dua Lipa is about to go “full Jennifer Lopez” on us. No, she’s not going to marry Ben Affleck, she’s making the jump from pop superstar to movie star.

We’ve just been blessed with the first trailer for ‘Argylle’. A movie that sees Dua Lipa star alongside Bryce Dallas Howard, Sam Rockwell, Henry Cavill, John Cena, Bryan Cranston, Chaterin O’Hara, Samuel L. Jackson and more. INSANE line-up.

It’s the story of Elly Conway, the reclusive author of a series of best-selling espionage novels whose books begin to mirror the covert actions of a real-life spy organization which, for obvious reasons, causes some issues. ‘Argylle’ hits theatres February 2, 2024, check out the trailer below.