It’s been 13 years since James Cameron first took us to Pandora and introduced us to the fierce local tribe of Na’vi. If you haven’t seen the original movie that entire last sentence would be fairly confusing but, alas, we continue.

‘Avatar 2: Way of Water’ is set for theatrical release later this year but the hype-train has well and truly left the station. The trailer (released less than two months ago) has already racked up almost 10million views which isn’t surprising considering the first movie was one of the most successful releases of all time and now… THIS!

Kate Winslet’s character for the second installment has finally been revealed. She’ll be playing a Na’vi leader named ‘Ronal’ and she looks fearless.

‘Avatar 2: Way of Water’ will be in Australian cinemas from the 15th of December, book your tickets early though, this one’s going to be big!


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