Need a movie that’ll entertain a toddler? Disney. Need a movie that’ll entertain your cranky Grandpa? Disney. Need a movie that’ll entertain the whole movie including a teenager who’s currently going through that “everything sucks and I hate you” stage? Disney.

Disney movies are a universally enjoyed dopamine hit that literally everyone can enjoy. That’s why it’s such incredible news that some of our favourites are getting new additions!

‘Frozen’, ‘Toy Story’ & ‘Zootopia’ are all getting new additions according to Disney CEO Bob Iger. “Today I’m so pleased to announce that we have sequels in the works from our animation studios to some of our most popular franchises, Toy Story, Frozen and Zootopia,” he said during Disney’s Q1 earnings call, continuing “We’ll have more to share about these productions soon, but this is a great example of how we’re leaning into our unrivaled brands and franchises.”

Personally, I’m most excited about the Zootopia sequel because hot damn I love that rascally fox and optimistic bunny!

Here's one of our favourite moments from Robin & Kip!