The year is 2010, you’re heading to the movies with Mum & Dad, they let you get popcorn and a frozen coke, ‘Toy Story 3’ is about to start, life is good.

Imagine that scenario being RUINED by some very naughty language!

In a clip going viral, TikTok user @KittyFeeley plays a scene from the film where Barbie is destroying some of Ken’s clothes (he turned out to be a bit of a dick). In big blue dress/gold dress vibes people are either hearing the actual dialogue of “Oh Barbie, those were vintage!” orrrrr the naughty version of “Oh f**k, those were vintage!”. Have a listen and let us know what you hear!

@kittyfeeley I literally hear both 😂 #toystory3 #yannyorlaurel ♬ original sound – Kitty Feeley


Here's one of our favourite moments from Robin & Kip!