Between now and January 1st you’ll be watching a bunch of Christmas movies whether you like it or not. Though if you fall on the “not” side of the tinsled fence then have no fear, there’s a Christmas movie coming that even the most bah humbug laden will enjoy.

While, yes, it has a standard “falling in love at Christmas” storyline, what makes this movie different from the rest is it looks HILARIOUS. Justin Long is back in the spotlight alongside Brittany Snow who’ll you recognise from the ‘Pitch Perfect’ franchise. The movie is laced with humour that definitely doesn’t fall under the ‘Hallmark Christmas Movie’ umbrella including Mum and Dad drinking lean, lots of sex chat, and the phrase “top notch Christmas slut” being used quite liberally.

Christmas with the Campbells hits cinemas 2nd December. Watch the trailer below and tell me this doesn’t make you excited for Christmas!

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