‘The Room’ was an instant cult classic the moment it hit theatres in 2003, propelled further into the mainstream with 2017 adaptation ‘The Disaster Artist’ starring Seth Rogen, James & Dave Franco, Josh Hutcherson and more. “Oh hi, Mark!”

After a 20yr hiatus from the limelight Tommy Wiseau (the guy who made ‘The Room’) is about to release a new movie and it looks just as cooked, if not more, than his first.

The movie ‘Big Shark’ is about a big shark (duh) but for some reason, the chaotic trailer is mainly focused on a very amateur boxing match which appears to have nothing to do with the actual plot line.

No release date has been set but my lord I’m excited to watch this man’s creativity come to life again. Check out the trailer below!


Here's one of our favourite moments from Robin & Kip!