Can you think of a more iconic Instagram caption than G Flip’s “I’m non-binary mother f##kers!”? We sure as hell cannot.

And since the drummer-turned-singer confirmed their gender identity, they have been getting back to work, linking up with Austrian producer filous to release the track Boys & Girls, exploring gender and identity.

Will & Woody caught up with G Flip to chat about what it means to them to identify as non-binary and getting used to the new pronouns. Including how both G Flip and their friends have, at times, stuffed up with the new they/them pronouns.

“I kinda looked up and really researched what it was to be non-binary and really researched those words, so I was just like, ‘oh my gosh, this is how I’ve felt my entire life, this makes so much sense’,” the singer told the boys.

And the take-out? If you stuff up, correct yourself and move on. Take a listen to the full chat here:

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