A cheeky AF neighbour has been caught using a pool scoop to steal avocados.

The vid was posted by Reddit user kNockz, and has attracted a few thousand comments over the act of ‘treeson’.

“Asshole neighbour keeps on stealing my boyfriend’s avos from his tree,” kNockz captioned the post.

It shows a fully-extended pool scoop reaching over the fence, pulling at and detaching the avocados from the tree, believed to be in the US.

Here were some of our fave responses from other Redditors:

“Confront them. Step outside and tell them not to do it. This is theft.”

“I would throw a grappling hook at the pole and yank it out of her hands, but that’s just me.”


“Joke’s on him, it’s rotten by the time he gets it inside.”

“I can imagine him being so lazy, that he just wants to get food without standing up. I bet this picking stick goes all the way from his living room and he sits there in his armchair.”

“Put a bluetooth speaker in the tree and play clips of screaming everytime he touches it.”

“Use a giant pair of scissors and cut it off.”

“Nah, bring an invoice. ‘I have video proof of you taking my avocados. I charge 5 bucks an avocado. Here’s the bill’.”

In Australia it is only legal to take fruit it’s on public land, such as overhanging on a footpath.





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