He may be small, but he’s a super-sized order of love!

10-year-old Norbert and his mum, Julie Steines, are putting smiles on the faces of sick kids. 

The Chihuahua x Lhasa Aspo x Cairn Terrier is a therapy dog, and an Internet sensation. 

“I like to say he gave some of his teeth to the tooth fairy,” Steines told 7News

“His tongue just sticks out the side of his mouth where he’s missing a few of his teeth.

“But it adds character, I think.”


He is a registered therapy dog, volunteering at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

“Some of the kids can’t even believe he’s real,” said Steines.

“It’s precious and it’s priceless.”

Norbert knows a number of tricks which are also uniquely named, but his high-five is the most famous of all.


“Instead of stay, I say namaste, and instead of lie down, I say zen,” said Steines.

“He can walk around me in a little circle, and we call that peace around the world.”

Not only is Norbert an international influencer, he has also appeared in a series of picture books, has his own calendar, and has even been turned into a toy.

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