A New Zealand man has adopted the ‘hottest’ new side hustle and WON BIG! …

As in a shunning, and being told that having ten COVID-19 vaccine doses in one day was definitely a “really dumb thing to do,” by vaccinologists – Go figure!

Why are they concerned? Well, this man was paid money to get the jab in place of ten different people whom were all vocal anti-vaxxers.

Authorities believe the man was paid so they could enjoy the same freedoms as the vaccinated without having to get the jab. In New Zealand, my businesses and events require you show a vaccine pass to visit them.

University of Auckland vaccinologist and associate professor Helen Petousis-Harris thinks ‘the chances of them feeling extra awful are higher than someone who had a regular dose,’ she said.

Further adding, ‘he will be no more protected against coronavirus than people who have had the recommended two doses as the triggered immune response will plateau.’

Authorities continue to investigate how the man was able to access ten vaccines, health officials remain uneasy about complicating the identification process.

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