Boy can our girl J-Malley sing!

Our fave Aussie artist, Jessica Mauboy has released the final single from her #1 album, HILDA in the form of ‘Butterfly’.

Her previous single, ‘Little Things’, now has over 23million worldwide streams and the acoustic version of butterfly was written as a dedication to her parents.

The song reflects on the metamorphosis of life, her personal journey of growth, and self-discovery. Jess said, “’Butterfly’ was also about how they inspire me to be the best person I can be, to be just like them – resilient and strong and brave and always thinking of others.”

“No one writes songs about family and it can be tough to be direct and not be cliché. That was the tug of war I’ve had in my mind.”

Throughout August, YouTube Music, in partnerships with ARIA, are rolling out a series of virtual performances called the “YouTube Sessions” to help raise awareness for Support Act and to provide an avenue for artists to reach their fans during a time where live-gigs aren’t possible.

Check our Jess’s  incredible performance here.


Robin, Terry & Bob caught up with Jess to learn more about ‘Butterfly’ and give her the ultimate quiz in a game we like to call “Mauboy, Mauboy Not”!

Who was scarier to meet, Ellen or Oprah? Listen to her take our quiz below:

Listen to Jess discuss her new single below:

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