Looks like even Oprah Winfrey has a bad day every now and then!

During her speaking event in Los Angeles over the weekend, Oprah did something completely ironic…

She took a tumble on stage while speaking to her audience about finding “balance” in her life!

The media personality was on stage for her 2020 Vision tour when her ankle basically gave way beneath her and she fell down quite hard.

While it looked like a pretty bad fall, thankfully she was okay and Oprah being Oprah, she recovered quite quickly and gracefully.

Footage from The Los Angeles Times showed the moment Winfrey lost her balance occurring literally seconds after Winfrey spoke about wellness in life being all about balance.


“Here’s my definition of what wellness meant to me… Wellness to me means all things in balance. And balance doesn’t mean all things are equal or at peace at all time,” she said before taking a tumble.

Handling it like a pro, Oprah gathered herself and said to the audience, “wrong shoes!” making reference to the heels that she was wearing.

She went on to do the rest of the show barefoot!

We’ve all been there… Heels might look good and all but we dare you to find a girl who hasn’t taken a tumble in them at one time or another.

Unfortunately for Oprah though that moment had to be in front of thousands of people on stage…


Watch the video for yourself above!