Have you ever wondered what an Oreo cookie would look like with your face on it? Well, a lot of you obviously have because it’s becoming a reality! 

In a world first, Oreo is calling the people of Australia to get OREO-ified, offering the chance to see yourself on an Oreo cookie for free!

Oreo will literally become a cookie of the Aussie people with the launch of its brand-new OREO Yo’Self campaign.

Using never before seen technology, you’ll be able to create your own personalised cookie, featuring your face printed in Oreo creme on a super-sized Oreo cookie!

Oreo has released 2,000 OREO Yo’Self cookies for Australians to personalise at www.oreoyoself.com.au. And yes, it’s available nationally! 


STEP ONE: Visit the website to create the face – it could be you, someone you would like to be or a face of someone you would like to gift the cookie to.

STEP TWO: Your delicious cookie will be placed in a queue and you will get an alert to let you know your Oreo Yo’Self cookie is the making.

Now the fun part – how the cookie is being made: To launch the campaign, a customised Oreo printer was created for the campaign using a dobot magician with an added camera that ensures precision of cookie creme printing. A bespoke API has also been developed to connect the website consumer interface and the Dobot – allowing a smooth and seamless journey from digital creation to production.

STEP THREE: Wait for your cookie to arrive all for free!

Pretty cool, huh? 

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