The Masked Singer is the show that everyone’s talking about at the moment as Australia’s biggest guessing game has got everyone absolutely hooked!

The show sees some big name celebrities dress up in fancy masks and costumes to conceal their identity as they perform various songs on stage. It’s then up to our our celeb experts on the panel and us at home to try and guess who could be hiding behind the mask.

And so you can kind of understand why an important aspect of the show is to make sure that the celebrities taking part in the competition don’t get leaked.

But never in a million years did we expect there to be such a top secret operation on set to make sure that none of the celeb names get out there before the big reveal!

Osher Gunsberg, who will host The Masked Singer, joined Kyle and Jackie O when he revealed the amount of security that takes place on set in order to keep the secret safe. And to paraphrase Kris Jenner, this sounds like something fit for the FBI!


“How have you guys kept it so secret? Because a lot of these have been filmed,” Kyle asked this morning.

“It’s so over-the-top,” replied Jackie O, who is one of the panelists for the show.

“The level of secrecy around this show is extraordinary,” added Osher.

Osher explained that they have a security team filled with people who must be former ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation) workers because they take the job of protecting each contestant’s identity VERY seriously.

Including removing all mobile phones and recording devices from the filming area.

“They love it, they’re like, ‘We’re just going to clear the studio because we’re just going to sweep it for devices’ and they’re not even joking. They’re literally going to sweep the studio for devices,” Osher said.


They also have decoys to help get the celebrities to and from the filming studio so that paparazzi can’t photograph them.

“And the decoys involved in getting them in and out of the studio,” Jackie added. “They’ve got like a hood over them and a little sign that says, ‘Don’t talk to me’, but then there’s replicas of those people and decoys going off in every direction, because there were photographers following them to try and do a spoiler.”

Jackie also revealed that one of the security members had worked alongside Prime Minister’s before, but had never experienced anything like the set of The Masked Singer.

“The lengths they’ve gone to, I spoke to one of the security guys who said he’s worked with Prime Minister’s, you name it, and he said but this is next level. He said he’s never been involved in anything where the security is this ridiculous.”


But no amount of security can stop a blabber mouth, with both Osher and Jackie admitting that the hardest part about it is that they now know who the celebrities are and have to keep it secret!

Although this doesn’t mean that they can’t give us hints and clues… And Osher gave us a GREAT hint to help us with the guessing game this morning!

“The clues are so, so clever,” Osher explained. “But I’ll let you know this. When you’re watching the clues and you’ll see the mask do you some stuff… Nothing is there by accident.

“When you look at the clues, there’s nothing in the frame, the whole frame, that is there by accident.”

“So there could be something in the back of shot,” Osher continued, “on the mantle piece and you’re like, ‘Hang on a second. There’s a sea shell’. And then when they pull the mask off you’ll go, ‘Of course!’.”


OMG BRB we’re just going to go and rewatch every single one of the clues for the celebrities on repeat all day! You never know, we may have missed something that gives the celebrity away!

Hear more from our chat with Osher Gunsberg in the video above.

The Masked Singer Australia kicks off on Monday September 23 at 7:30PM on Channel 10.

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