Fans of the Netflix show ‘Outer Banks’ will be horrified to hear a star of the show has been arrested in Las Vegas.

TMZ are reporting that Austin North (who ironically plays the bad guy in the series) went “haywire” in the emergency room, attacked several staff members and needed to be restrained.

Photo: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Allegedly he punched one nurse in the head, shoved another in the face and pushed a phlebotomist (someone who takes blood) into a table. Apparently, his third victim smacked him in the head with a nearby tray as self-defence.

Austin was later taken to jail and booked for gross misdemeanor battery. He’s since been let out on bail.

TMZ have reached out to his team for comment but so far have not heard back. We also have no idea why he was in the ER to begin with. The whole story is very strange…

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