Listener Susie is Marie Kondo-ing her life… and then she stumbled across her kids’ participation trophies. 

We’re not talking about sport or academic achievement awards… We mean trophies and medals just for turning up. 

They do not spark joy in Susie. But she feels guilty at the idea of throwing them out. 

But it brings up the question – should children get a trophy just for participating and turning up? Is that enough to warrant an award?

Or should trophies be left for ‘winners’ or for those who have achieved something significant during the activity?

Are we raising an entitled generation who are used to instant gratification? Or does a trophy for showing up encourage getting involved and the little wins throughout the year – even if you aren’t one of the high achievers? 

The box of trophies may not have ‘sparked joy’ in Susie but it certainly sparked a debate between Bianca and Mike. 


What side of the fence do you stand?

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