Brisbane student, Harper Nielsen, 9, has made headlines in the past 24 hours after making the controversial decision to not stand for the national anthem at school assembly.

The young student reportedly decided to make the strong stand (or should be say sit) as she does not believe that the song accurately represents all Australians.

Harper’s dad, Mark, called in to Bianca, Mike and Bob this morning to talk about how it all started – and how the story found its way into the media.

Turns out Harper’s parents approached The Courier Mail to help their daughter in her protest. And it seems despite the media feedback, the student is not likely to step down anytime soon.

We also asked how they are protecting Harper as parents due to the mix of negative and toxic feedback – including Pauline Hanson calling her a brat.


Meanwhile, Pauline herself heard our discussion and called in to share her point of view on the issue.

And as we all know with Pauline, anything can happen when she graces us with her presence and her strong opinions.

Pauline is of the strong opinion that the student is dictating to the school and constantly disrupting.

The politician went on to say if she were to act like Harper while growing up she would get a swift kick up the backside.

She didn’t mince her words as she continued to share her opinion on the topic.


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